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Guess the License Plate?

Here you will see before, during and after pictures of the most recent restoration projects. If you would like to donate machinery or any sugarbeet related object to the Red River Valley Sugarbeet Museum please check our Wanted Machinery list or contact us!

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Max Campbell Self-Propelled Home Built 2 Row Harvester

Eversman Electronic Thinner

McCormick-Deering 6 Row Drill  
McCormick-Deering 6 Row Drill

Blackwelder Thinner
Blackwelder thinner

 Blackwelder Thinner Info

Olson Rotobeater
Olson Rotobeater

Marbeet Harvester Without Cart
Marbeet harvest without cart

A.O.Espe loader

A.O.Espe loader

John Deere 1 Row Harvester
John Deere 1 row harvester

John Deere Model 50 tractor

John Deere Model 50 tractor

John Deere 2 Row Harvester

John Deere 2 row harvester

Kingwize 2 Row Harvester
Kingwize 2 row harvester

Niagara Ground Driven Duster
Niagara ground driven duster

Mpls. Foundry Sside Loader
Mpls. Foundry side loader

Oppel/Farmhand 4 Row Harvester
Oppel/Farmhand 4 row harvester

Tonsfeldt Tops Sweeper
Tonsfeldt tops sweeper

Farmall “C” & Tonsfedt Topper
Farmall “C” & Tonsfedt topper



Heading to the  Parade
Heading to Parade

Done At Last

Done at last

Parade Ready
Parade Ready

Check Back...there's more to come!