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  1. Espe Model T cultivator
  2. Old cultivator tools
  3. Memorabilia
  4. Old movies and pictures
  5. 3 row early Gemco grabroll harvester
  6. Pictures of very earliest beet dumps (tower with chute over tracks)
  7. Model of beet factory
  8. Owatonna self propelled swather (drive wheels on ends of platform)
  9. Newer Marbeet Owners Manual
  10. 1 row walk behind beet lifter
  11. Farm Handy beet thinner
  12. Scott-Urshel harvester or pictures of one
  13. Any other “stuff” you may have saved if we can use it !!!!!!


Do you have anything more in the weeds or back in the woods? If you do or not sure, or know of anyone that does, contact:

Allan Dragseth


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